Advantages And Disadvantages of Online Games

People in this modern age take benefit from different types of entertainment activities such as sports, shopping, camping or playing online games. The trend of playing online games is getting more popular due to the different advantages they offer. However at the same time, online games also have disadvantages and people should be careful.

One most clear advantage of online games is that they are very much convenient than the traditional ones. After coming back from the office, people don’t have to go anywhere to entertain themselves or play some games because they can enjoy many interesting games using their computers while being connected to the internet.

Just by sitting in one place probably in home or garden, people have the benefit to play different types of online games with just few clicks. Traditional games require you to create a room for organizing games and online games are easier than traditional games as everything is mostly done on computer.

For playing online games, there is no need to care about the setup and cleanup required for playing. Additionally, the player has the benefit to play alone or with other online players depending on options that are easier than occasionally playing traditional games.
Every traditional game cannot be definitely played by a single person and many need involvement of more people. In addition, online games are less costly to play as compared to other games; some games can be totally free of cost.

Most of the companies advertise their new games to the customers by offering some versions free of cost for a couple of months, this makes the players enjoy those games without having any worries for their internet bills.

Apart from advantages, online games can have a bad impact on the lives of people especially teenagers. The addiction of online games has become popular in society and this can seriously have a negative influence on children in terms of physical and mental health.
One negative impact is that teenagers can spend almost all their time sitting in front of the computer or in the internet cafe, being glued to play from early morning till midnight without even eating anything.

This surely results in the lack of physical activities among children making them lazy and less active. There is a possibility that they would ignore everything happening around them, talk with no one and being cut off with the rest of the world. They would even lie with their parents or play absentees to spend more time in the internet cafes; this can become a bad habit that has to be stopped.

Playing online games can also be risky and very dangerous as it can be a doorway to gambling problems. Apart from children, this can also affect adults as they can be at a risk of getting involved in gambling activities if they are unaware about controlling themselves.
Violence or crime is one of the most obvious consequences of playing and gambling, this will not only harm individuals and families but it will also have an extreme negative impact on the society. Most of the disasters that happen in families start from online gambling activities that encourage the players to attack their family members or steal their assets besides committing other offences.

Concluding, online games can have a positive or negative change in the way people spend their leisure time depending on whether players have self-control or not. Realizing the advantages and disadvantages of online games, players can increase their advantages to avoid getting addicted.

One of the popular online games is Friv. You can play Friv games either on your mobile phone or computer.


These days, people are looking for sources and products that give them maximum benefits and comfort. Everybody seems to enjoy playing games, which was earlier provided with video games. New techniques have now replaced the old ones with the introduction of online games. People have unlimited access to Internet today which not only has improved ways of communication but also provided them with wide options of free games available on different websites.

Online game shop is a wonderful option to play games within single website according to your choice. It has actually made easier for people and there is no need to wait for long time to free download games. Users are just supposed to login the home page which will make available different options of games like nintendo games, X box games and action games, which means that anyone can fulfill their desire of playing free games on this website. This is gaining popularity among people because of its quick service.

People have not only been acquainted with online game shop but various websites have been made especially for users to provide them with all the information regarding any product available in the market. Online games are beneficial as users can find various games under a single web page and choose the desired option. Also, there are categories of games on game shop which serves the needs of every age group.

Another advantage of online game shop is that people can not only play games online but can also download them. The best thing about downloading is that people are not supposed to pay huge amount as earlier and have got the advantages of cheap games. This involves an easy process of just selecting the game and downloading it on your PC.

These cheap games become pocket-friendly and users will have access to it within a short period of time. As stated above, there are wide varieties of options available for downloading games on game shop where users are provided with either single player or multiple player options. Whatever is the need, it is completely fulfilled through these websites.


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How These Online Games Change The Scenario in India

During the last few years, technology has progressed so much that not anyone can guess correctly that it has been a foremost aspect in changing our lifestyles so radically. Formerly, it would become hard for people to entertain themselves through the mere click of a mouse button, and people had to wait for long-2 period before getting letters from their friends and families. Now with internet, all of these jobs have become very easy and more interesting. Today, entertainment is not a major problem. We would not be able to find the way to avoid the choice of having fun and get a break from work.

A plenty of cool stuffs is available on the web so that anyone can do online, and online games are just amazing. Earlier on, from the time when internet was not so easily to get to, online games were never produce excellent returns on investments. But rapidly, within a few years the internet get more familiar to almost every family and greater part of the population can now access to online games. With this fast progressing, undoubtedly, the future for PC Games India is going to be vivid.

For PC Games India, the scenario is also same. This pasture is on the brink for a big boom in India. In 2006, according to the facts report, gaming websites generate approximately £4 millions in India, but in 2010, it touches the level of £440million! And the progress is still mounting. As the interest of the PC gamers has growing continuously which in result inspired the gaming industry to outsource their resources to India also. And they are not limited to this, however, they continuously dare to fabricate new innovative ideas with cost effective execution to maintain the interest of gamers.

It has been seen that most of the PC gamers in India are very keen to play with the games that are more thrilled and adventurous. In India, online PC games also earn a high level in the field of popularity. This is the reason why huge range of gaming industries are trying to increase more and more adventurous sites as they can and are intended to make their selves able to share the financial pie of the gaming industry. This is a very significant expansion for PC games India that will not only enhance its online gaming industry even though also support them to maintain its credibility.

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Online Card Game – Teen Patti Rules


Teen Patti is an online and offline card game that involves 3 to 6 people to play it. It’s a card game and uses all the 52 cards in the deck excluding the jokers. The game involves betting in it and hence players either have to buy the chips or use the already existing chips in their account. Although Teen Patti is a more commonly known as Free Teen Patti, if you want you can actually play for real money in the various online gaming portals.


Teen Patti rules are similar to that of Poker. All the players firstly must decide on a boot amount and keep their respective chips on the table. The dealer now very precisely distributes 3 cards to each of the players. The cards have to be dealt face down and in the regular cutting and distributing manner. The players can either choose to play blind or can see their cards before further betting or can even fold their cards if they think they don’t have good hand. In case you decide to play blind and raise some chips in the table, the following players have to raise at least twice your bid if they have seen their cards or the same amount if they also choose to play blind.

The bidding continues unless one of the players says show in which case the cards will be revealed and winner will be announced subsequently. But in case more than 2 players are there in the table, then a player can side show with the person sitting next to him. In a side show the cards of the two players will be checked and a winner will be decided who will continue further in the game. Eventually the final show will reveal the winner. The ranking of the cards is an integral part of the game and it follows as such in descending order: -Trail or set- Three cards in hand should be of the same rank -Pure sequence- All the cards have to be in sequence and also of the same type -Sequence or Run-All the cards in hand just need to be in sequence without any specific typecast -Color- The three cards need to be of the same type -Pair- Two of the cards need to have the same rank and the third card can be any random card -High Card- If all the cards in hand don’t fall into any of the fore mentioned categories, the highest card will be taken into account and then the next one and so on


With a number of different sites dedicated to Teen Patti you can log into any one of them and buy the chips required for you to play the game for real money. Download Teen Patti which is not a difficult task as all the sites have step by step guidance regarding how the chips are to be bought and they are usually chargeable from your debit/credit cards or your PayPal account.

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